Living Longer, Living Stronger!

The Beth Johnson Foundation is a UK charity with an international reach. We work to build resilience across life’s key transitions, developing individual and community strengths, to achieve our vision that everyone should enjoy a great older age. We do this through our support and research activities, challenging stereotypes, sharing learning and working inter-generationally, as we believe that each generation has things to contribute and receive.

  • We challenge traditional thinking about ageing
  • We transform innovation into practical application
  • We work with older people, partners and funders to test and refine programme delivery
  • We present the evidence of achievement to influence practitioners and policymakers

We have already changed experiences and perceptions of ageing and are committed to the achievement of our goals.

Living Longer, Living Stronger Launch

19.11.14 | Windsor Room, Stoke-on-Trent Town Hall

Invite to the public launch of the Foundation’s first ever fundraising appeal. The critical support we provide to people going through some of the greatest challenges they, or their families and…

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