Passionate about the quality of life as people age.............

The Beth Johnson Foundation is a UK wide charity that works to make a positive impact on the lives of older people, to gain recognition for the valuable role that older people play in society and to challenge age discrimination and stereotyping. We do this by bringing together research, policy and best practice. Key to our approach is effective communication and our central message that we want everyone to enjoy a great quality of life as they age:

  • We challenge traditional thinking about ageing
  • We transform innovation into practical application
  • We work with older people, partners and funders to test and refine programme delivery
  • We present the evidence of achievement to influence practitioners and policymakers

We have already changed experiences and perceptions of ageing and are committed to the achievement of our goals.

Age Friendly Cities

30.10.14 | Leeds Central Library

On behalf of the UK Urban Ageing Network we invite you to a one day conference on Older People Economic Development and Employment

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