What we do

Our charity model is unique. We combine original thinking, high-level strategy, and grassroots delivery, testing our ideas to ensure their practical application. As a research leader, 

a source of strategic advice for policy makers, and a provider of practical services and training, we get involved in all parts of the change making process.

  • First, we find the problems and opportunities. Engaging with older people (particularly the disadvantaged), authorities, and relevant organisations, we establish where the need is.
  • Then, we create and develop pioneering solutions.
  • Next, we evaluate, refine, and test our concepts, in partnership with older people.
  • Once we have concrete results, we deliver proven solutions to service providers, policy makers, and older people.
  • Finally, we transform life-enhancing projects into sustainable services and training programmes, then disseminate them, so that evidence-based practice can empower older people to improve their lives.
The Beth Johnson Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of its BJF Review of recent activities.  After a very successful year working on age related projects, this publication showcases how these have made a real difference to people’s lives and highlights some of the areas we have explored that are relevant to older people.
Our mission of being at the forefront of conducting cutting edge research, advising policy makers and initiating pioneering age-friendly programmes remains strong.  We want everyone to enjoy a great later life, which means we as a society need to make changes at a strategic and practical level.

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