Global Intergenerational Week, is a campaign connecting everyone who is passionate about everything intergenerational. It is now in its third year and this year it is bigger and better than ever as it goes global!

The week runs from 25 April - 1 May and it looks to inspire individuals, groups, organisations, local/national government and NGO’s to fully embrace intergenerational practice, connecting people of all ages especially the younger and older generations. The campaign will celebrate good practice, ideas, moments and opportunities local to us where different age groups come together, and intergenerational friendships can be formed!

The Executive Team are Generations Working Together from Scotland in partnership with Linking Generations Northern IrelandBridging the Generations, (Wales) and The Beth Johnson Foundation (England).

What's On:

If you are planning any face-to-face or virtual events, holding intergenerational discussions or announcing any exciting ideas and projects across England, please do get in touch with Generations Working Together, and share your news via their social media channels.

Monday 25th April

  • Webinar: Let's Celebrate Intergenerational Research in the UK! 12am-1:30pm
    Presenters: Stephanie Green (Swansea University), Dr Catrin Hedd-Jones (Bangor University), Lois Peach (Bristol University), Mirain Llwyd Roberts (Cyngor Gwynedd)

    As part of the first GLOBAL intergenerational week (April 25th-May 1st 2022) a group of Researchers from across Wales and England are showcasing previous and ongoing research in this increasingly important area of development. 
    Intergenerational initiatives join together different generations for the benefit of all. This is an upcoming area particularly in social care in the UK and this webinar will focus on how far we have come in researching this area, and what more needs to be done. There will be discussion around the key elements for success and sustainability and how this can be translated into practice. Bring your lunch, all welcome! Please register online now. 

Monday 25th April

Wednesday 27th April, 2pm-3.30pm

  • Inter(GEN)net meeting -  Lets celebrate intergenerational spaces

Inter(GEN)net is a new UK collaborative network in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK., designed to enable and develop improved intergenerational contact, innovation, practice, and support. Led by the Beth Johnson Foundation, it is modelled on previous experiences of the Linking Generational Projects in Northern Ireland, led by Vicky Titterington. Inter(GEN)net aims to identify and support the needs of organisations and communities who seek to work in a way that promotes intergenerational practice as a positive and beneficial social solution.

The basis of the Inter(GEN)net network is founded upon three key tenets: Connect, Inspire, and Support. Our vision is a world where communities themselves drive initiatives and perpetuate change; where age is not seen as a barrier but as an enabler to better lives and healthy living. This meeting will incorporate our general network meeting and two 20 minute presentations from Laura Macartney, InCommon, Bringing Generations Together. Run Connect, working with schoolchildren aged between 7 and 9 and older people in sheltered accommodation; and Professor David Amigoni, Director of the Keele Institute of Social Inclusion, where intergenerational practice is seen as an important pathway to social inclusion.
All welcome! To register please send an email to Angela Tunnicliffe.

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The Launch

You can catch up on the global launch which took place on 2nd February.

Supporters Pack

You can access the social media resources and see the thematic days for the campaign.  We will be actively updating our social channels throughout the campaign.  By downloading the supporters pack  you can find out all you need to know about how to get involved.

Themes for the week:

Monday 25th April - Theme - Let's reconnect (showcasing community connecting, post covid rebuilding)

The last two years have been challenging for all of us.  Come and share your positive intergenerational learning stories from lockdown as we move forward to reconnect generations.

Tuesday 26th April - Theme - Let’s combat loneliness and isolation.

Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is one of our key issues as a society. Intergenerational connection can be a great way to fight loneliness and isolation. Why not harness the power of intergenerational connection to tackle loneliness and isolation in your community?

Wednesday 27th April - Theme - Let’s celebrate intergenerational spaces.

Come and join the growing movement in creating intergenerational spaces in our communities. Work, rest, or play, it’s more fun together.

Thursday 28th April - Theme - Let's inform our future

Bringing generations together isn't just a lovely thing to do, it's an exciting thing to do in order to reconnect our communities and tackle the challenges we all face.

Friday 29th April - Theme - Let's celebrate intergenerational solidarity

Our connections need to be celebrated for the impact they have on our lives. On this day we will be celebrating those intergenerational connections that keep us going and how we can all support each other through intergenerational solidarity. Join us as we say yes to solidarity and no to ageism.

Saturday 30th April - Theme - Let's break down the age barriers

Age is just a number; we have more in common with other generations than we think. Join us to explore challenging misconceptions about age.

Sunday 1st May - Theme - Thank you

Why not join us for an epic intergenerational campaign and share your journey with us!

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