New Guidance to Support Intergenerational Practice through Peer-Based review

Posted in: News on July 3, 2012

The Foundation is delighted to launch new guidance to support Intergenerational Practice through Peer-based review.Increasingly councils, partner agencies and the voluntary and community sectors are looking at new and more efficient approaches to service delivery. Intergenerational practice [IP] is often being seen as part of the ‘mix’, adding value to a range of services, including wellbeing, community safety and social cohesion. For some, working inclusively of generations is becoming a ‘way of doing business’, while for others new to the agenda or struggling with competing priorities it is seen as an ‘add on’ providing useful projects but with limited outcomes and sustainability. Where there is a consensus is around the need to achieve better outcomes for all generations; the sticking point is ‘how to achieve this?’ We believe that part of the answer to this lies within the practice already taking place, and the expertise of those involved. Through a process of co-production we have developed a peer-based review model which allows for an assessment of existing practice and exploration of future possibilities. This model promotes shared learning and opportunities for enhancing what is working well and addressing potential areas for development, through a dialogue conducted in an environment of peer support and mutual trust.The guide, which can be downloaded, see below, has been developed from the experience of a pilot programme of seven IP reviews, involving more than twenty councils, developed and delivered by the Beth Johnson Foundation as part of the Local Government Association’s [LGA] Ageing Well Programme during 2011-12. To download the individual review reports see below.To download the Evaluation Report see belowIf you are interested in hosting your own Intergenerational Practice Review and would like further information please contact Clare Batty, the Ageing Well website for more information on this programme and other topics related to making better places for people to grow older. Councils wishing to conduct a self assessment workshop of their Intergenerational Practice will find useful guidance there. Link to LGA guidance

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