22nd August The Beth Johnson Foundation celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Posted in: News on August 21, 2012

Today, the 22nd August the Beth Johnson Foundation celebrates its 40th anniversary. The Beth Johnson Foundation was established in Stoke-on-Trent in 1972 at the bequest of a local philanthropist who wanted to improve the “social welfare” of older people.Since then, it has become an acknowledged expert in ageing related issues by listening to older people, challenging thinking and practice, developing new approaches and creating practical solutions that make a difference. From its Hartshill base, it has been the unseen catalyst behind many of todays established policies and practices. Since its formation, it has championed the funding of adult education; developed community housing for older people; established neighbourhood and mobile day centres; introduced carelines; created volunteer support groups and provided advocacy services. Today, it works at all levels from governments to individuals. It helps and supports people through its positive ageing programmes, intergenerational projects, cancer advocacy, and is involved in the development and delivery of Age Friendly Cities. CEO Alan Hatton-Yeo said: "The Foundation is confident that its innovative, pioneering approach to ageing will continue to make a positive difference not only locally but also across the UK just as Beth Johnson wanted."

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