A Moving and Thought Provoking Special Report

Posted in: News on August 15, 2012

In the first of a four-part series on the illness, a moving and thought provoking special report by Arifa Akbar in the Independent today, covers the journey of her beloved father from normality to dementia. Read the full report here


Betty Machin   17th Aug 2012 at 15:38

Sadly the story of Arifa's father is not unique. As dementia advocates we frequently come across people with dementia being infantilised and treated without any dignity. When will society see the 'PERSON with dementia' and not the 'person with DEMENTIA'. People with dementia are still unique people and therefore should receive the care and be treated with dignity we would all expect.'
Arifa's report highlights the ongoing lack of awareness/ training on dementia but hopefully with David Cameron's promise of investment in dementia this will improve.
Arifa is obviously a caring daughter who clearly challeged professionals regarding where a father lived and how he was treated resulting in a father living in a place where she felt he would be well looked after. But there are many people with dementia who have no family or friends and therefore nobody to challenge on their behalf. In such cases it is vital the person has a dementia advocate to ensure they receive appropriate care.
Arifa's story highlights the impact dementia has on not just the person with dementia but family and friends.
However as Arifa says in her story the lucid times the person with dementia has are invaluable to family or friends.

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