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Posted in: News on August 5, 2012

A new generation will be able to share the heritage of football in Enfield thanks to a local history project supported by a grant of nearly £50,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project to be managed by the Beth Johnson Foundation is a partnership between Enfield Town FC and local agencies including Kingsmead School, Enfield Museum and Libraries Service, Enfield Age UK and Enfield Racial Equality Council .Residents, supporters and former players with memories to share going back some 50 years, will have a chance to get involved. Enfield Town FC will provide the focus for activities involving local volunteers, local agencies and school students to trace both its short but eventful history and its predecessor the illustrious Enfield FC which was established in 1893. The success of Enfield Town Ladies FC and Enfield Ladies FC will also be tracked.Enfield FC enjoyed nearly 40 years of unbroken success at the top levels of both amateur and semi-professional football before its tragic demise as a result of losing its ground at Southbury Road to housing development. In recent years Enfield Town FC, which is wholly owned and run by its supporters, has achieved promotion to the Ryman Premier League and, with the generous assistance of the local authority, gained a new permanent home in Enfield at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium.Students at Kingsmead School together with volunteers from Enfield Town FC and with the support of Enfield’s Library and Museum Service will undertake research. DVDs will be produced on different themes including the participation in football by women and girls and football in the community activities. As an initial target 30 interviews will be conducted for the DVDs. All interviews not put on a DVD will be archived. Extracts will be shared worldwide on a digital historypin channel [www.historypin.com]. They will include photos and stories from all sections of the community in Enfield. The aim will be to capture different sporting cultures and demonstrate how they relate to Enfield today.An exhibition of memorabilia and photographs will be assembled and boxes containing a range of such items will also be available for loan to schools and community groups. The project culminates in a grand celebration due to take place at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium in late 2014.There is much to celebrate in the football heritage of Enfield. For the men there has been success in various FA competitions, the Conference and the Ryman Premier League. Similarly for the women there have been league and cup successes. Enfield Town FC and its predecessor have a proud record of providing football opportunities for boys and girls of all abilities. In relation to modern models of club administration Enfield Town FC is in the forefront of the movement towards supporter owned clubs advocated and supported by Supporters Direct. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Comment for Enfield Town FC - Martin Cantrell vice-chairman of the Enfield Town FC Supporters Society Ltd which owns Enfield Town FC – said – “ This project provides an exceptional opportunity to capture memories before they are lost for ever. We are very grateful to Judy Crabb and the Beth Johnson Foundation for devising the successful application for grant funding. We look forward to continue working closely with the students and staff at Kingsmead School and the local history and museums specialists at Enfield Council. We also look forward to working closely with our regular partners at the Enfield Racial Equality Council and other groups in Enfield. We do hope that all elements of the community and, in particular, the footballing community will be able to join us in this exciting project.”For the Beth Johnson Foundation, Judy Crabb said, “This is a great opportunity not just to capture and re-tell important local history but to break down barriers between younger and older people, develop new partnerships of working between people who have not worked together before, and create imaginative materials that will have a life beyond the project.”.Notes to Editors: Using money raised through the National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) sustains and transforms a wide range of heritage for present and future generations to take part in, learn from and enjoy. From museums, parks and historic places to archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions, we invest in every part of our diverse heritage. HLF has supported more than 33,000 projects, allocating £4.9billion across the UK, with £868 million of that in London. Website: www.hlf.org.uk

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