Blog: Retired people could be encouraged to do community work

November 5, 2012

Surely it's not only me who looks at Lord Bichard’s view that retired people should have to do community work or potentially forfeit part of their pension in order to stop them being a burden on the state, with a mixture of bemusement and despair? People over the age of 50 are already the powerhouse of volunteering and civic engagement in this country, with 70% of volunteering in Health and Social Care currently undertaken by older people. As the opportunity for civic engagement is open to all, we need to be increasing the opportunities for older people to partake by being more proactive, promoting flexible retirement ages and devising more imaginative roles for those over 50. However, it must still be a matter of choice – the enforced or coerced volunteering of older people must surely be the ultimate oxymoron?Alan Hatton-YeoChief Executive

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