Blog: Dementia Dogs

Posted in: News on January 28, 2013

Whilst on Twitter, my interest was caught by a feed about the Dementia Dogs Project, currently being piloted in Scotland. Working as a ‘front-line’ advocate for people with dementia and being a dog lover myself, this certainly captured my attention. This project aims to prove that dogs can be beneficial for people with dementia, helping maintain their walking, eating and sleeping routines. They can also act as prompts for medication, improve confidence and keep people active in the community.Dogs can play a very important role in older people’s lives, and often their pets are their only company and friends due to the non-judgemental way dogs behave towards their owners. On occasions, clients I have worked with have refused to move into supported housing or residential care because of having to part with their dogs, loosing that special bond that exists between them.This I am sure will be an excellent project, I look forward to the outcomes and evaluation and hopefully this could be replicated throughout the UK.Jane Snape - Dementia AdvocateBeth Johnson Foundation

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