What-IF International event at the European Parliament

Posted in: News on February 18, 2013

What-IF International (WII) is a non-profit organization that proposes an intergenerational reading of today's major societal challenges. The aim is to build a network, vision and concrete pathway for sustainability based on the main idea that the challenges of tomorrow can only be faced IF a new pact between generations – what we call Intergenerational Fairness - is established.WII indeed stresses its focus on all generations since the current crisis impacts all generations, and all are called to find new pathways for a sustainable world. Such an effort cuts across all domains, from energy to ICT, from financial markets to R&D and enlarging its range of activities including projects, awareness raising and lobbying at the policy level. Indeed WII is not a movement that aims at changing the world through slogans and flags, but a strange open hub of brains and hearts that share a strong vision and willingness to act on the basis of their personal capacity and will. It is not an alliance between institutions and does not commit institutions to which members belong to. Associates represent themselves, their personal capacity and can trigger, when needed and appropriate, institutional involvement to pursue a project, a policy action or any other initiative consistent to its vision. WII does not intend to minimize the role of institutions in any sense. Rather, it aims to trigger their involvement through WII members' ideas and projects. WII's motto is that people come before institutions, but institutions can play a fundamental role when pulled together by smart people.

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