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Posted in: News on March 7, 2013

In 2012, more than 600 schools around Europe took the European Day of Solidarity between Generations (29 April) as an opportunity to invite older people into their classrooms. The pupils and the senior citizens talked about active ageing and thought about what they could do together to build a better society for young and old. They later shared their photos and experiences with other schools online to discover how generations relate to each other elsewhere in Europe. generations@school invites teachers to organise an activity that brings pupils together with seniors from their communities to explore how dialogue between generations can contribute to a better understanding of each other. This encounter can be a debate on issues of concern to both generations or the launch of a joint project in which old and young cooperate on a more regular basis. Find out what happened last year! As the European Union has designated 2013 as “European Year of Citizens” this year would be a good opportunity for teachers, pupils and older people to organise on or around the 29 April discussions about Europe, its past, its present and about what old and young can do together for building the Europe of tomorrow. What does it mean to be a European citizen? Which EU rights have we obtained through the process of European integration? How do the European citizens of tomorrow perceive these rights and how do they intend to make use of them? What kind of Europe should we pass on to the next generation?All information related to this new edition of the generations@school competition, the awards that can be won and resources to help teachers in preparing their generations@school event can be found on the website: By clicking on the following link ([target=_blankurl=][/url]), you can download a colourful postcard, which the pupils may print and use to invite seniors to take part in your generations@school activity.

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