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Posted in: News on April 9, 2013

I have often listened to various radio/television presenters telling the tales of their everyday lives or describing how an event wowed all who attended, each can be both funny and interesting and the radio keeps me alert on the journey to work.The problem I have is that on more than one occasion I have winced at the descriptions they give of an older person in the story, such as ‘doddery old man’, wrinkly old woman. It is all of course done to make their story more interesting and amusing, but do they just not think about what they are saying or worse, do they care?Older people are the same as you and I, in fact they are you and I, and they have not landed from another planet. They deserve respect, so while younger people continue to make rude comments, how will the future generations bode? When I have spoken about this previously I have been met with the reply of ‘older people are ‘ageist’ towards themselves and can be regularly self-deprecating, an example is ‘oh I am having a senior moment’, or ‘it’s my age’. This is similar to young people laughing at themselves to make them popular or amusing; everyone does it to a certain extent whatever their age. The programme ‘Off Their Rockers’ shown on television recently shows a whole different side of older people, what did you think?This is a debate that will continue to roll and the actual words ‘older’ or ‘elder’ is a bone of contention as we can see here: TunnicliffeAdministrator


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