EMIL Awards Programme

Posted in: News on September 10, 2013

The network European Map of Intergenerational Learning (EMIL) is launching an Annual Awards programme to:• Enhance public interest and awareness on the essential role and value of intergenerational communication and learning for sustainable societal innovation and development; • Showcase intergenerational work currently taking place throughout Europe; • Highlight and promote important and innovative concepts, initiatives and practices that may inspire and empower generations in Europe; • Demonstrate how facilitation of communication between different generations can lead to the exploration of common interests and bringing people to take action together in order to tackle significant societal and economic issues; • Foster exchange and cooperation between practitioners, researchers, policymakers, business and others.EMIL wishes to highlight and showcase existing examples where intergenerational work adds value. Award winners will show how they have developed innovative and sustainable projects working with people of all ages that have made a real impact within the following themes:• Housing/Environment • Culture and the Arts • Workplace/Working environment • Communities• Other A winner from each category, plus and an award for an overall winner, will be selected from all entries and will receive a complimentary annual subscription to the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. Do not miss out on this is exciting opportunity to showcase your work to an extensive European audience through a variety of dissemination methods made possible through the EMIL network, including a feature in EMIL’s Report - A European Perspective on Examples of Intergenerational Learning & Practice. Lastly, award nominees will also have the chance to have their article considered for publication in the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships’ Reflections from the Field.To learn more about the judging criteria, nomination deadlines and prizes for these awards, go to the EMIL website - http://www.emil-network.eu/about/emil-awards or contact Julie Melville (EMIL Coordinator: EMIL@bjf.org.uk)

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