Raising awareness of the impact of Dementia

Posted in: News on November 27, 2013

Today the Beth Johnson Foundation have endorsed the letter from the Alzheimer’s Society to the G8 Dementia Summit. http://bit.ly/1iSADK3In society we talked about the big C (Cancer), Dementia is the big (D).People are living longer therefore higher numbers of people with dementia. This increase now includes people with conditions such as Downs Syndrome who previously had a shorter life span are living longer and research carried out links Downs Syndrome to dementia.Other types of dementia such as Korsakoffs (A brain disorder associated with heavy alcohol consumption over a long period) is becoming more prevalent as people’s life styles change. By raising awareness and research into dementia more could be achieved to support society’s understanding of the disease and the treatment required going forward.Our dementia advocates are out in the community every day, giving a voice to dementia sufferers and they know that there are many different forms of this disease and the research is urgently needed.Read more about our Dementia Projects here

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