Key challenges and opportunities

Posted in: News on December 2, 2013

“A person’s mid-life can be viewed as a time of challenges and opportunities and is therefore a pivotal time in life that can significantly impact on our experience of ageing into later life. In the development of its mid-life programme of work the Beth Johnson Foundation sought to explore the key challenges and opportunities and identify appropriate interventions that support a positive transition into old age. Lynne Wealleans, Programme Lead (England) will discuss this work of the Foundation in this area and suggest ways that the public and voluntary sector can work together to promote healthy and enjoyable lifestyles that can influence an older person’s experience of ageing”The first seminar takes place Friday 6th of December. For further information on the content of the event or if you are interested in attending future seminars please contact The Beth Johnson Foundation. To attend this event booking is required Tel: 01782 844036 or email Lynne Wealleans

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