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Posted in: News on July 2, 2014

As reported previously, on June 25th the Advocacy Team at The Beth Johnson Foundation, Betty Machin and Jane Snape presented a short film to an invited audience where a group of people who have been diagnosed with Dementia discussed their views on the illness, services provided and what they would like to happen to improve their experiences. The aim of the film was to allow people with dementia to have a voice.The initial feedback from the film launch has been very positive and some outcomes are that we have professionals who are willing to take on board the views of the dementia patients featured in the film and are willing to take them forward:*A school governor said she will promote some work in schools*Clinical trainers asked for a copy of the film so that they can show it to undergraduate nursing and medical students. *Feedback from will be used in the memory clinics*A commissioner stated that is has been extremely useful and can be used to influence the design of future services.There are a number of ways forward to promote the film including You tube, Twitter and Facebook so please share it on your networks.The film is available to view hereIf you have any comments or would like to discuss taking forward the issues discussed in the film please contact the Dementia Advocacy Team Betty Machin or Jane SnapeTelephone 01782 844036

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