Stick Your Neck Out!

Posted in: News on August 21, 2014

"Life is what happens while you are busy making plans", John Lennon famously said. In Stick Your Neck Out, another John talks about how his life changed dramatically and for the worse in his 50s and then, by the time he reached pension age, for the better - helped by the work of our charity the Beth Johnson Foundation. BJF focuses on what is possible from midlife onwards - even when dealing with illness, caring roles or low incomes - to plan ahead and learn how to get to grips with difficult life changes, in order to have as good a future as possible in older age. What did John do? He stuck his neck out, tried new things, didn't give up.To view the film on Vimeo please click hereThis short film was made for the Foundation by one of our Trustees, Lorna Easterbrook, who donated her time and expertise, for which we are very grateful. In it we listen to John, a volunteer who has been involved with us for many years and we would also like to thank John for giving us his time and his story.

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