Are You Dementia Aware?

Posted in: News on May 18, 2015

The Foundation is at the forefront of awareness around Dementia. Our advocates work tirelessly to support those who have the diagnosis and give them a voice to enable them to go forward with information and support.

The Dementia Advocacy project normally advocates for people who at an advanced stage of their dementia but there are occasions where we are involved with people who at an early or a mid-stage of their dementia. This has enabled the project to develop a peer dementia advocacy group.

This group have produced a short film, Our Dementia, and a couple of members of the group were recently asked to present at an event. The event was called ‘Living well with Dementia’ and the group highlighted the benefits and value of peer dementia advocacy.

As a direct result of the presentation ‘Making Spaces’ an organisation based in Derby asked members of the group to attend a huge event they are having during Dementia Awareness Week. Making Spaces organisation was full of praise about the group stating how development of the group was innovative.

The event is being held on Wednesday 20th in Derby.

Here at the Foundation we wanted to mark the week and hopefully share the awareness we have with others. Therefore we have invited our Dementia Focus Group/Peer Dementia Advocacy group, together with some of our volunteers and staff to a presentation of Bollywood Fitness. Janet Henson from the WEA will present this for us. This will promote how music and physical activity can be of benefit in both the prevention of dementia and self-management/treatment following a diagnosis. Janet will also deliver some mindfulness meditation, so that everyone has a chance to participate even if they do not wish or cannot take part in the physical activity.

The Haywood Hospital will have a stand during this week in the Rheumatology Department and our dementia advocacy leaflets will be available.

The Foundation alongside many other organisations during dementia awareness week are keen to highlight you can live well with dementia.

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