Intergenerational Glastonbury

Posted in: News on June 29, 2015

Anyone who has watched the coverage of this year’s festival would agree that there has certainly been plenty of variety in the acts, from the controversial Kanye West to Burt Bacharach (aged 87), something for everyone’s taste and age. I have watched some of it, sometimes being thrilled and impressed, other times thinking ‘what the hell was that’! Saying this I have never had the urge to go to the festival, preferring to watch in the comfort of my home where I don’t have to queue for the toilet, pay over inflated prices for food and drink and not having to wake up floating around in my tent after a night of heavy rain.

This year was different though, I really, really wish that I had been there and why? Lionel Richie was amazing! The crowd absolutely loved him especially when he sang Dancing on the Ceiling, Hello and All Night Long. However the best part for me was his interview afterwards, he was speechless! This is a guy who has performed in hundreds of shows around the world. Amazed at how everyone, all 100,000 of them, were joining in with such enthusiasm. He was visibly moved by the fact that grandma/grandad, mums/dads and children were dancing and singing together with hordes of youngsters, all together, ageless and having the time of their lives.

Link to YouTube interview

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