Pre-paid funeral?

Posted in: News on September 7, 2015 by Betty Machin

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I am sure there are many people who have arranged a pre-paid funeral to ease the burden for their family during the distressful time when a loved one dies. Over the years I have supported lots of people I advocate for to arrange a pre-paid funeral, to ensure their wishes are adhered to when they die. As an advocate I would support an individual if they are estranged from their family. 
Recently a client I had advocated for died but has her advocate I was pleased she had arranged a pre-paid funeral and therefore her wishes would be adhered to. How wrong I was. The client’s estranged family have been informed as they are beneficiary in her will and they have gone completely against the client’s wishes. It appears pre-paid funeral are not a legal document and therefore can be overturned by family.
So for anyone thinking of doing a prepaid funeral I would say please read the small print and be aware your wishes might not be adhered to.

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