A Great Place to Grow Older

February 2, 2016

A Great Place to Grow Older
The Beth Johnson Foundation is working with Stoke on Trent City Council for it to achieve its status as an ‘Age Friendly City’.  We want Stoke on Trent to be a great place to grow older and to involve all its citizens, businesses and organisations in achieving this ambition. The Beth Johnson Foundation has provided training to public and private sector businesses, helping them to consider ageism, stereotyping and any changes they could make in their approach and actions they could take to promote age friendly engagement.
Steelite International is an award winning company that is committed to manufacturing in Stoke on Trent creating more jobs and continuing to invest in the regeneration of the city.
We are delighted that they have agreed to support the Age Friendly movement and have shown that they are committed to being an age friendly business and employer by, for example, attending the Age Friendly course encouraging an age diverse workforce and providing pre-retirement planning.

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