Intergenerational Learning

March 10, 2016

Intergenerational Learning
We offer a multi-level, customized Intergenerational Learning Training Programme that will suit the needs of all types of learners who want to know more about intergenerational practice and learning. Our training materials explain how intergenerational practice and learning can applied in a variety of social issues and contexts and explore why these concepts are relevant in today’s society.
Our training packages equip learners with a number of tools and techniques for facilitating intergenerational relationships, including how to tackle issues such as stereotypes and the different needs that can exist between the generations.
We are also pleased to now offer the European Certificate in Intergenerational Learning (ECIL) - a European course that introduces learners to the fundamental principles of planning, implementing and evaluating intergenerational practice and learning.
To learn more about ECIL and other training options we offer, contact Julie Melville:

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