BJF go to school

April 23, 2018

BJF go to school
 As you may be aware there has been an abundance of news about young children and older people being together just lately and here at BJF we have been aware of the benefits of the two age ranges sharing experiences for many years. Our latest experiences have seen our Dementia Advocates and our Dementia Advocacy Peer Group visiting the Haywood Academy. Year 9 students, as part of their PSHE day, were making Twiddle Boards, these are boards on which ordinary household fixtures and fittings are attached and they are aimed at residents in care homes who have dementia. They are a sensory and memory tool to trigger memories possibly from their working life. When the boards are finished they will be distributed by BJF’s dementia advocates to care homes in the city.  This is the second time we have worked with the Academy, last year the project was Twiddle Muffs for people with dementia, these are knitted with various buttons, ribbons, fabric etc. attached to keep the residents hands warm, give them something to do with their hands and encourage brain stimulation.
For more intergenerational news click LGNI, to go to the website of our colleagues in our offices in Northern Ireland, Linking Generations Northern Ireland.


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