Reflecting back, looking forward: An organisational response

May 4, 2020

The Beth Johnson Foundation (BJF) has been supporting the ageing population for over 40 years. Based on compassion and determination, its workforce prides themselves in being flexible and adaptable as they proactively respond to the needs of local and national ageing communities. We at the BJF all firmly believe that the value of someone's life simply does not diminish with age, as Andrew Colclough (Volunteer co-ordinator here at BJF) poignantly says ‘The experiences of someone who has lived a long life is a resource to be valued. Everyone, regardless of their background and their age, has the potential to make a positive contribution to our community’. This is why we endeavour to champion a ‘Future for all ages’ across all the work that we do, and continue to provide a voice for the voiceless from a strategic, policy and practice perspective. Continued...........

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