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Read the latest upate from the Later Life Newsletter No. 63 from the DWP. This month is a feature on Living with dementia: the advice website My Ageing Parent has published a detailed guide to dementia – its causes, symptoms and diagnosis. Importantly, it also provides a raft of helpful advice to families to help them deal with the day-to-day issues around caring for a relative. This is something we here at the Foundation care about and of course is reflected in our Dementia Advocacy Project ... Read more

Transitions In Later Life

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has published their latest blog and have included the Beth Johnson Foundation as an example of how our projects have promoted emotional wellbeing. ... Read more

Age Action Alliance Update

Thank you to Age Action Alliance for including our new appeal, Living Longer, Living Stronger! launch on the front page of their latest newsletter. ... Read more

Living Well With Dementia

The Foundation dementia advocate's attended this event and were proud that our film, focused on people living with dementia, was the opening scene. Many Gp's, Consultants, Clinical Consultant's and Area Manager's and Practice Nurse's attended. The main discussion was about the Dementia Pathway and to get so many of the profession together meant that a wide range of services could share the information. ... Read more

Older People's Day Today!!

The national day of celebrating older people and their contribution to society is with us at last. Organisations and individuals are finding their own ways to make this a day to remember and to remind all of us that older people are an extremely important part of the fabric of our lives. We are attending a local event this year, the Live Age Festival and are looking forward to meeting all of the guests and joining in the celebration. ... Read more

Autumn News Announcement

The Foundation's latest newsletter is available to view via our Facebook page. Read about new appointments, Older People's Day and volunteering opportunities and more. ... Read more

Coming Soon!

Accredited Training in Intergenerational Practice, suitable for Care and Social work professionals, Youth and Community practitioners and Local Authority strategic development ... Read more

Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People

As a member of GALOP the Foundation is involved in the consultation to hear from older people and their representative organisations about how older people are being discriminated against, what impact this has on their lives and why they think this is happening. ... Read more

Later Life Newsletter No. 59

Sharing news is always a good thing, especially when our charity is mentioned. So please take a look at this latest newsletter to view our latest film and find out about the national celebration of Older People's Day Twitter campaign. ... Read more

Living Well With Dementia

Representatives from our Dementia Advocacy Project will be attending the 'Living Well With Dementia' GP Education event. This takes place on Thursday 2nd October at Britannia Stadium and our film, 'Our Dementia' will be shown. ... Read more

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