Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People

As a member of GALOP the Foundation is involved in the consultation to hear from older people and their representative organisations about how older people are being discriminated against, what impact this has on their lives and why they think this is happening. ... Read more

Later Life Newsletter No. 59

Sharing news is always a good thing, especially when our charity is mentioned. So please take a look at this latest newsletter to view our latest film and find out about the national celebration of Older People's Day Twitter campaign. ... Read more

Living Well With Dementia

Representatives from our Dementia Advocacy Project will be attending the 'Living Well With Dementia' GP Education event. This takes place on Thursday 2nd October at Britannia Stadium and our film, 'Our Dementia' will be shown. ... Read more

Beth Johnson joins Dementia Action Alliance

The Dementia Action Alliance brings together organisations across England committed to transforming the lives of people with dementia and their carers. The Foundation has now been welcomed as a member and we look forward to being a part of the Alliance and contributing to the goal of bringing about a society-wide response to dementia. ... Read more

Stick Your Neck Out!

"Life is what happens while you are busy making plans", John Lennon famously said. In Stick Your Neck Out, another John talks about how his life changed dramatically and for the worse in his 50s and then, by the time he reached pension age, for the better - helped by the work of our charity the Beth Johnson Foundation. BJF focuses on what is possible from midlife onwards - even when dealing with illness, caring roles or low incomes - to plan ahead and learn how to get to grips with difficult life changes, in order to have as good a future as possible in older age. What did John do? He stuck his neck out, tried new things, didn't give up. ... Read more

Later Life Newsletter No 58 from DWP

This months newsletter features 'Our Dementia', which was commissioned by the Beth Johnson Foundation. The film was made involving dementia sufferers during their Focus Group at the Foundation. ... Read more

Positive Living Coach-Interested?

The Positive Living Project is funded by Stoke Clinical Commissioning Group and is looking to train community volunteers, within Stoke, on health and wellbeing related topics such as; Exercise, Nutrition, Positive thinking and age-related illness prevention and awareness. ... Read more

Evaluations of Cancer Advocacy Pilot

The pilot project “Advocacy on the Wards” known as Cancer, Older People and Advocacy (COPA) was formally evaluated by TwoCan Associates and by Ecorys , on behalf of Big Lottery Silver Dreams Fund. This partnership between OPAAL – Macmillan – Big Lottery and the 5 pilot sites was the forerunner to the Staffordshire Cancer Advocacy and Support Project which is being implemented across the County. ... Read more


COMUNICAR, a bilingual (Spanish-English) open access online journal devoted to look at communication, technology and media education is planning to publish a whole thematic issue on challenges and opportunities linked to communicating in an ageing world. In the call for papers guest editors explain that this issue approaches ageing not only as related to elderly persons, because as we move through life, we are all ageing, and we interact with one another from our particular generational position. Therefore, issues regarding Information and Communication Technology challenges and possibilities for multi- and inter-generational communication and cooperation are relevant to this special issue. ... Read more

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