Creating Age-friendly Places

We are delighted to launch a comprehensive guide for ‘Age-friendly places’. Drawing together the latest research, case studies and practical advice it sets out in one document what makes an age-friendly community. It looks at current developments across the UK and globally around ageing and discusses the different components needed for an age-friendly city and community. ... Read more

What-IF International event at the European Parliament

What-IF International (WII), member of EMIL (European Map of Intergenerational Learning), has the goal to promote a new dialogue between generations through awareness, project and policy actions. The event is dedicated to all those that aim to build an Intergenerational Fair society. What IF we can make it together? ... Read more

Silver Action

Women from across the UK who took part in significant activist movements and protests from the 1950s to 80s were invited to The Tate Modern and were invited to share their personal stories in a series of workshops, culminating in this day-long public performance. ... Read more

Blog: Dementia Dogs

Whilst on Twitter, my interest was caught by a feed about the Dementia Dogs Project, currently being piloted in Scotland. Working as a ‘front-line’ advocate for people with dementia and being a dog lover myself, this certainly captured my attention. ... Read more

Blog: Age of Creativity

There are so many websites nowadays that is it easy to become a web tourist, flicking across the pages but never really staying long enough to get ... Read more

EY 2012 Achievements Video

The success and achievements of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012 are captured on a short video ... Read more

Beth Johnson Foundation Blog

  • Free Positive Ageing & Wel ...

    We are delighted to offer our Free Positive Ageing and Wellbeing sessions, delivered over Zoom, for people aged 50+ livi ...Read more

  • Dementia-New article

    In 2019 the Dementia advocacy peer support group launched a Comic ‘There’s no Bus Map for Dementia' which the peer ...Read more

  • New Project

    The Bereavement Help Points Project is a new initiative for the Beth Johnson Foundation (BJF), developed in partnership with St Gi ...Read more

  • Office Rental Opportunity

    Parkfield House, 64 Princes Road, Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 7JL Home of the Beth Johnson Foundation Fully serviced suite of r ...Read more

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