We are looking for volunteers who have experience of caring issues to become Volunteer Advocates for Carers. ... Read more

Alcohol and ageing:

Interesting Panorama programme on television recently about how older people are becoming ever-more likely to suffer from alcohol related illnesses, with hospital admissions of the over 65's up by more than 62% over the past 5 years. ... Read more


Reflections - the first bi-monthly collection of thoughts from Staff here at the Beth Johnson Foundation ... Read more

The new age of work: flexible working and the opportunities for change

Age UK has published a policy report looking into older workers’ experiences of accessing and using flexible working. The report finds that flexible working is useful for a variety of reasons, for example to meet caring responsibilities, manage health conditions, or wind down to retirement, but that accessing it is often far from easy. ... Read more

Grasmere Sports Tales

The annual event of Grasmere Sports will have been running for 160 years in 2012 and thanks to a grant of nearly £38,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) stories and memories of those who have taken part or been connected with the games over generations will be collected and shared for generations to come. ... Read more

UK Older People's Day

Can you spare a few minutes: UK Older People’s Day is on 1st October to coincide with the UN International Day of Older Persons. The main aim for the Day is to be a national celebration of the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society and to the economy. Through this we hope to start to tackle negative attitudes and outdated stereotypes; 2012 is also the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations ... Read more

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