PIER showcases good practice to NHS delegation

A group of senior delegates, from the NHS Health Literacy Collaborative Group, visited the Haywood Hospital in late February to look at the Patient Information and Resource Centre, (PIER) and see what effect its presence has had on the health literacy of patients and carers using the hospital. ... Read more

Age Action Alliance News

Read the latest news from Age Action Alliance - March 20th- with articles from members all over the country. BJF supports the AAA website and have long been a member, would you like to join?  ... Read more

Could you volunteer for us?

We are always looking for volunteers. If you’d like to give back, and support people going through some tough challenges volunteer with us. You can learn new skills and enhance existing ones. We will aim to give you a rewarding volunteering experience with ongoing training with help from a supportive team ... Read more

BJF Review published

The Beth Johnson Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of its review of recent activities.  After a very successful year working on age related projects, this publication showcases how these have made a real difference to people’s lives and highlights some of the areas we have explored that are relevant to older people. ... Read more

Hidden Carers

 In the 5th article about work, retirement, and wellbeing, the Guardian's Amelia Hill talks about the impact of the ageing population. How the 'sandwich' generation are working, looking after children and ageing parents. In this 9 part series Amelia talks to individuals about their experiences of ageing and retirement and how it meets with their expectations. The latest article can be read here and you can join the conversation from the page. ... Read more

What makes for fulfilling work in later life?

The Centre for Ageing Better have announced the publication of a new report, Fulfilling work: what do older workers value about work and why? The report identifies what people aged 50 and over value about work and explores actions employers can take to attract and retain them.  By 2020, one in three workers will be over 50. While employment rates for this age group have been growing, there still remains a rapid falling off after the age of 55. Increasing the numbers of people over 50 who are in fulfilling work is good for society, good for business and most importantly good for people themselves. Perhaps unsurprisingly, older workers value many of the same things as workers of other ages – such as making a meaningful contribution, social interaction and opportunities for learning and progression. Older workers are more likely to stay in work if they think their work matters, their employer supports them and their needs are taken seriously. However, for a variety of reasons, including age discrimination, this doesn’t always happen.  ... Read more

Make it Your Decision

​BJF would like to share the news of this new campaign launched today. Many people assume that there’s nothing they can do to prepare for their future treatment and care. But there are things we can do now to plan ahead and ensure that what matters to each of us is known about at the end of life. This is the focus of a new campaign, Make It Your Decision, launched this week by Compassion in Dying – the first of its kind to encourage people to plan ahead for their treatment and care and make their wishes known. ... Read more

Book for Active in Age Training

This free training is ideal for anyone who runs a community group or volunteers/works for a voluntary organisation, with people aged 50+ within Stoke-on-Trent. ... Read more

Wolverhampton- Free Training

CLAIM your happy retirement  If you are approaching or entering retirement, join us for this free one day training course which will help you to effectively plan and prepare for this stage of life. Designed alongside BJF volunteers the training will: ·        Give you the opportunity to share experiences with other people in a similar situation ·        Share the CLAIM framework with you – a tool for ageing positively ·        Enable you to plan effectively for the future ·        Learn new skills for coping with challenges and change ... Read more

Leek - Free Training

Looking forward to later life means both planning for this phase of life and thinking about it positively. Our volunteers have helped us to design this training day to make sure that it includes the things that will help the most when planning and preparing for later life.   Our next Looking forward to later life day is 24th January 2017 (9:30 to 4:30) at Leek Community Fire Station, Springfield Road Leek ST13 6LQ. During the day you will:   ·         Have the opportunity to meet people in a similar situation ·         Develop a practical plan for the future ·         Learn techniques to cope with change ·         Learn how to accept life’s changes and review your plan for the future   The training is free, a light lunch and refreshments are provided. Places are limited and you will need to book by contacting Lynne Wealleans at the Beth Johnson Foundation, 64 Princes Road, Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 7JL. Or you can contact Lynne if you would like more information. Phone: 01782 844036 or 07940 562169 Email: lynne.wealleans@bjf.org.uk   The Beth Johnson Foundation was set up in Stoke-on-Trent over 40 years ago and we want everyone to enjoy a good later life. We know that may not be easy for all of us but our volunteers have told us that everyone should have the opportunity to plan for later life and to prepare for how they might cope with the changes ahead. *Another day will be available 8th February in Wolverhampton, venue to be confirmed. ... Read more

Beth Johnson Foundation Blog

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