NHS Bosses Call For New Deal

NHS CEO Simon Stevens says Britain urgently needs a new political consensus on paying for older people and social care, and the debate on funding should consider the value of people’s pensions and homes. ... Read more

Generations Ageing Without Children

The Daily Mail recently reported on the issue of women without children. This does not necessarily mean they have chosen not to have children, there are many reasons behind a decision or outcome, whether that be a lifestyle choice, unable to conceive, financial restraints etc. The implications to society of this situation are widespread, e.g. tax contributions, social care, NHS, elderley care and an actual risk to relationships.  ... Read more

Dementia the most feared disease

Studies show that dementia is now the most feared disease, it is more feared than cancer.  The Government pledged £300 million more funding for dementia research last year.  Professor John Hardy, a neuroscientist at University College London has said that dementia research was in  ... Read more

Become a Dementia Friend …. It’s easy!

Last Thursday I attended a 45-minute training session to become a Dementia Friend. The training was led by Betty Machin and Jane Snape from the Dementia Advocacy Project at the Beth Johnson Foundation and the aim is to help to create more dementia-friendly communities. Becoming a Dementia Friend does not mean that you have to take on additional responsibilities if you do not have the time, but just to be more aware, mindful and considerate to others situations and behaviours in your day-to-day activities.  There are many ways that you can help to spread the word about dementia, every action counts! The Dementia Friends training is available to anyone so if you, your colleagues or team would like to find out more, please contact Betty Machin or Jane Snape on 01782 844036 or email betty.machin@bjf.org.uk / jane.snape@bjf.org.uk ... Read more

Back By Popular Demand

Active in Age - The Positive Living Project is pleased to offer the opportunity to attend the Beth Johnson Foundations Active in Age training. Active in Age is a fully accredited training course, which allows you to gain a Level 3 qualification and safely deliver physical Activity to older adults. ... Read more

EMIL has a new website!

BJF are excited to continue supporting the EMIL network in 2016 for another exciting year of intergenerational work throughout Europe.  The European Map of Intergenerational Learning (EMIL) is a collaborative network of members working together to support intergenerational learning taking place across Europe. Established in 2009, the network uses the existing expertise of partner organisations already working in the field to create a learning network for others involved in intergenerational programmes across Europe. ... Read more

Cuppa and a Smile

Staff Blog - Cuppa and a Smile.  We all have read in the media over and over again about the prevalence of older people being lonely and the effect that loneliness can have on the individual. Loneliness can have wide reaching implications to physical and mental health resulting in feeling isolated, even for those who actually live with their partners/family. They may have to care for a partner and this is turn reduces their ability to socialise and engage with other people.   ... Read more

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