I wasn’t sure what to expect; the concept of Mindfulness seemed to be a ‘hippy’ style activity.  However, with an open-mind and overnight bag, I joined my colleagues from Staffordshire and Wolverhampton Cancer Advocacy and Support Project and staff from the Beth Johnson Foundation for a 2-day Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop.   ... Read more

New Guidance for Advocates

I have discovered an excellent new resource for advocates. The "Practice guide for advocates challenging decisions or actions with or on behalf of individuals" produced by the Advocacy Organisation, VoiceAbility ... Read more

Hen-keeping – a cracking new therapy for older people

The Guardian recently ran an article about a project” Henpower” that lets people in sheltered housing and care homes keep hens. It has shown that this can reduce depression, loneliness and the need for antipsychotic medication. Henpower was set up by the charity Equal Arts in 2011 with the aim of using hen-keeping to tackle social isolation, reduce depression and improve people’s wellbeing.  ... Read more

Do 4 year olds need a graduation ceremony?

It seems that from birth, in childhood and into adulthood there are a number of rites of passage; pre-school, primary school, senior school, college, university, graduation. In fact when you are young every birthday is marked as special particularly those that have significance for another stage in your life – 5, 11/12, 15/16, 18. So rites of passage are all around when you are younger and that’s not taking into account those connected with culture or religion. ... Read more

Flowers on the Wards

June Brammar, Project Manager for rheumatology at the Haywood Foundation, said: "By introducing therapy we aim to make patients' stays more relaxing and positive." ... Read more

Intergenerational Glastonbury

Anyone who has watched the coverage of this year’s festival would agree that there has certainly been plenty of variety in the acts, from the controversial Kanye West to Burt Bacharach (aged 87), something for everyone’s taste and age. ... Read more

DWP Later Life Newsletter No.68

The latest news from DWP including a message from the new Minister of State for Pensions, Baroness Altmann and the National Audit Office report on the implementation of the first phase of the Care Act. ... Read more

MBE Congratulations!

Many congratulations to Helen from all of us at the Beth Johnson Foundation – we are delighted to hear that she has received the MBE for her work supporting older people. Helen is the Later Life Engagement Team Leader at the DWP and we are proud to have worked with her across the years ... Read more

Volunteers Week 2015

This week we celebrate our volunteers who give up their time to help the Beth Johnson Foundation in many ways. We have volunteers in most of our projects and some cover different aspects of our work also.  ... Read more

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