Still here to help - Staffordshire Cancer Support Programme (CaSP)

The Staffordshire Cancer Support Programme (CaSP) is a FREE service provided by the Beth Johnson Foundation. We are a team of experienced professional Link workers who can help adults living with and beyond cancer to find solutions to the issues that are important to them.  Following the recent response from the government, it has been decided that for the time being we will not be providing home visits to clients to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  We understand that people will have an increased anxiety due to the restrictions being imposed due to the Coronavirus in addition to their diagnosis, therefore, are expanding our service to provide  ... Read more

Stem Cells, Cancer and Life Lessons

A blog posted on Twitter caught my eye, not only because of the volume of swearing in the initial post, but because it tells the story of a man who is quite unwell but buried his head in the sand about everything that was going on with his body that wasn’t supposed to be happening (something which many of us have done in the past I’m sure). Also his blog seems to resonate with thousands and thousands of people. ... Read more

Cancer Support Groups

Recently I have been lucky enough to visit a couple of Cancer Support groups in my area. Firstly I visited the WAGS group in Wolverhampton, (Wolverhampton Area Gynae Support), who were most welcoming.  I spent time discussing some of their own personal issues as well as some of our current cases, where members of the group were able to help us with information and places to signpost our clients to. ... Read more

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