Dementia Advocacy

Dementia Advocacy  

The Foundation is an advocacy pioneer, having initiated citizen advocacy in 1989, and dementia advocacy in 1998. External evaluation of the dementia advocacy project in 2001 identified a clear need for access to independent dementia advocates for people who are amongst the most vulnerable in society.

The dementia advocacy project currently works in Stoke and North Staffs with those aged 50 plus with a diagnosis of dementia and whose issues can be extremely complex. There are currently 750,000 people with dementia in the UK, a number that is predicted to increase to 1,000,000 by 2021. Central government recognises the impact of dementia on society and has produced ‘A National Dementia Strategy’.

Providing advocacy support for people with dementia can be extremely complex, and may involve dementia advocates working without instruction i.e non- instructed advocacy.

The project raises awareness of dementia locally and nationally. In The Potteries, we are part of the local dementia pathways group and a member of the dementia clinical reference group: NHS Stoke-on-Trent Dementia Awareness. Nationally the project is part of OPAAL, Older Peoples Advocacy Alliance.

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Our Dementia The Beth Johnson Foundation Dementia Focus Group initiated this film. In it we hear how the participants, who have received a diagnosis of dementia talk about how they dealt with that knowledge and what should be put into place to improve that journey.

It highlights issues the group have relating to living with dementia and group members give suggestions of how the areas they talk about could be improved.

It is our hope that the DVD will be seen not only by all professionals involved with people with dementia but society as a whole.

The film shows how people living with dementia can be proactive members of society and the Foundation is indebted to members of the group for their important contribution. Also thank you to DEEP who made this film possible.

Information leaflets are available to download below.

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