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The Intergenerational Fairness Forum was initially established as the Intergenerational Futures All Party Parliamentary Group in 2009, following the merger of two earlier All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) which resulted in the establishment of the Old and Young Together APPG.  As the Intergenerational Futures APPG it held meetings in Parliament from 2010-2015, sponsored by The Beth Johnson Foundation.  Following the 2010 general election and the introduction of different rules for APPGs, it has been re-established as the Intergenerational Fairness Forum. 
The Forum is chaired by Baroness Greengross. Baroness Altmann, Lord Stone of Blackheath and Lord Willetts are Vice-Chairs of the Forum.  The Forum’s purpose is to promote better understanding of the impact of policy on intergenerational relationships and the way in which public policy affects people at different life stages.  In order to achieve this it holds regular meetings in Parliament to discuss relevant, topical issues.  The Forum’s meetings are for Parliamentarians, IFF members and invited guests only. The Forum is now supported by donations from Aviva and EY.   
In addition to Parliamentary members it has Associate members representing wide-ranging organisations which share an interest in intergenerational issues, such as: Age UK, EY, Grandparents Plus, The Age and Employment Network, The Beth Johnson Foundation, the British Youth Council and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.  If you would like to join the Intergenerational Fairness Forum and attend its meetings, please contact the Secretariat via

Sustainable Funding for Social Care & Intergenerational Fairness
Peer commends inquiry report to senior Government Ministers (2019)
 The independent, Crossbench Peer Baroness Greengross has written to senior members of the Government commending to them the Intergenerational Fairness Forum’s inquiry report, Sustainable Funding for Social Care & Intergenerational Fairness.  
 Baroness (Sally) Greengross said:
 “I am delighted to have secured cross party support for these proposals from Ros Altmann (Conservative), Alan Howarth (Labour), Elspeth Howe (Crossbench) and David Willetts (Conservative), in addition to myself (Crossbench).
 Our report differs from other reports on these issues because it considers how we should provide sustainable funding for adult social care through the prism of intergenerational fairness.  Our aim is to help develop a means of providing sustainable funding for adult social care in which all generations contribute, but no one generation is impacted unduly. We believe this will give the new system for funding social care more legitimacy and thereby ensure it is politically sustainable. 
 We are very pleased that the new Prime Minister seems ready to make the challenge of securing sustainable funding for adult social care an early priority for the Government; and we welcome his willingness to engage with other parties on this.   For too long this issue has been repeatedly kicked into the long grass as too difficult to deal with now.  This must change. 
 I have written to the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and to the Minister of State for Care on behalf of the Intergenerational Fairness Officers and other Peers who were involved in our inquiry into sustainable funding for social care and intergenerational fairness, commending our report to them.  I hope they will give its conclusions and recommendations serious consideration.
 We envisage a system in which more people can be properly supported in old age and no-one has to face catastrophic care costs.
 We believe the public will support a system that is demonstrably fair – where all generations share the cost burden, with the heaviest burden falling on those best placed to contribute.  In return a new system in which we pool the risk of requiring care and the costs associated with it will mean that everyone benefits.   We can deliver adult social care services of which we can be proud, with a sustainable funding system that enables care recipients to retain their dignity and independence for as long as possible; that rewards its workforce decently; that stabilises the private provider market; and which no longer undermines the work of Local Authorities.”
Click here: IFF report on Sustainable Funding for Social Care & Intergenerational Fairness

House of Lords Intergenerational Fairness and Provision Select Committee established
The Intergenerational Fairness Forum has welcomed the establishment on 17 May 2018 of a new House of Lords Select Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision.  Baroness (Sally) Greengross is a member of the new Select Committee, which will be chaired by Lord True.   Baroness Greengross said: “The Intergenerational Fairness Forum has been working for several years to raise awareness inside Parliament of the importance of considering the impact of public policy on intergenerational relationships.  I am delighted that the new Select Committee has been established and I look forward very much to working as a member of it.”  More detailed information about the new Select Committee is available here
The Committee published its inquiry report on 25 April 2019, which is available here:
The Government response to the Committee’s report was published on 22 June 2019 and is available here:

2018 Meetings
 At its AGM in February 2018, Parliamentarians elected the Officers of the Forum and agreed that this year its work should focus on the issue of sustainable funding for social care and intergenerational fairness.  It is holding a series of meetings on this issue with the aim of responding to the social care Green Paper expected to be published by the Government in summer 2018. 
Minutes from all meeting are shown below.

Future meetings
The Forum’s next meeting will take place in the autumn when Parliament resumes after the summer recess and party conferences.  The Minister of State for Social Care, Caroline Dinenage MP, has agreed to speak to members about sustainable funding for social care and intergenerational fairness following publication of the Government’s Green Paper on social care.  The secretariat will write to members with full information once all the detailed arrangements are confirmed.

Minutes from previous meetings:
Tuesday 10 July – Guest speakers: Clive Bolton & Baroness (Ros) Altmann
At its last meeting before the Parliamentary summer recess the Forum’s guest speakers were Clive Bolton and Baroness (Ros) Altmann. Clive is a qualified actuary with experience over 30 years in the financial services industry. Clive spoke about the complexities involved in intergenerational accounting and provided an industry perspective on the issues raised by the challenge of securing sustainable funding for social care in a way that is fair to all generations.  The former Pensions Minister, Baroness Altmann, is an award winning, independent expert on all aspects of pensions and later life policy and well known champion for the rights of older people.  Baroness Altmann set out the challenges we face in funding social care equitably, noted how astonishing it is that no provision has been made for future care costs and suggested how we might best move forward.  Recognising that there is no single “silver bullet” that will solve the problem of securing sustainable funding for social care, she suggested that part of the solution will be an insurance element to reflect a pooling of risk, so that everyone pays something whether they need care or not; part of the solution will be improved incentives to encourage people to save for care costs; and we will also need delivery improvements that could come with the integration of health and social care. Minutes 10th July 2018
Clive Bolton Presentation  Baroness Altmann Presentation

Thursday 17 May – Guest speaker: Councillor Izzi Seccombe
At its May meeting the Forum’s guest speaker was Councillor Izzi Seccombe, Chair of the Local Government Association's Community & Wellbeing Board and Leader of Warwickshire County Council.  Councillor Seccombe argued strongly that the forthcoming Social Care Green Paper needs to deliver the funding to support the system envisaged by the Care Act 2014, not propose fundamental reforms to our care and support system.  Minutes May 2018

Tuesday 24 April – Guest speaker: Sir Andrew Dilnot CBE
Sir Andrew was asked by the Coalition Government to lead the Commission on the Funding of Care and Support (the Dilnot Commission).  It published its reportFairer Funding for All, in 2012 and shortly afterwards the Coalition Government published its Care White Paper and its draft Care and Support Bill (factsheets).  Crucially that White Paper did not set out proposals for reforming the funding of social care and the system remains critically under-funded.  Minutes April 2018      Andrew Dilnot Presentation
Tuesday 20 March – Guest speaker: Dame Kate Barker DBE
The “Barker ReportA New Settlement for Health and Social Care was published in September 2014 by the independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, led by Kate Barker and funded by The Kings Fund.  Baroness Greengross served as one of the Commissioners, alongside Kate Barker. Minutes March 2018

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