BJF Celebrating 50 Years

2022 was an important year for the Beth Johnson Foundation. It was 50 years since the Beth Johnson Foundation Charity was founded based in Princes Road, Hartshill, and we celebrated this huge achievement in her honour. Beth Johnson herself was a nurse, and a volunteer who wanted to help the older populations in Stoke on Trent. It is a huge testament to her generosity and determination to help local ageing populations, and recognises all that has been achieved since the BJF opened its doors 50 years ago.

 Here are just a few of the activities which took place during the year:


Celebrating 50 years of the Beth Johnson Foundation: Remembering, reflectiong and reconnecting

An all-day conference event was held during Older Peoples Week in October 2022 at the Spode Works with speakers and refreshments.

We listened to people share stories about BJF over the years, and shared our ambitions for the next fifty years together.

It was a chance for everyone involved with BJF, past and present, to come together and celebrate BJF.

Blue plaque for Parkfield House

On the 26th July 2022, Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent Faisal Hussain unveiled two BJF commemorative plaques, one at the front of Parkfield House and one at the main entrance to BJF. We were joined by members of our BJF community to celebrate and commemorate this occasion. Thanks to Councillor Dean Richardson, Ward Councillor, Hartshill and Stoke, for sponsoring these plaques to mark 50 years of Beth Johnson Foundation.


Beth Johnson Foundation, Parkfield House. Founded in memory of Beth Johnson for the benefit of older people. Championing Positive Ageing since 1972
Blue Plaque 2

Ceramic mosaic plaque with Philip Hardaker

We invited group members, volunteers, staff and board members to attend a special tile making workshop; Philip fired the tiles and produced a celebration wall plaque which is now displayed in the BJF Community Hub.

When the mosaic was completed, we invited people involved in creating the individual clay tiles to join us at Parkfield House to view the mosaic and to hear Ceramic Artist Philip Hardaker talking about this exciting project.

“Collaborative work is a celebration of people…it starts with listening. Like any human process listening is the most important thing.” Philip Hardaker, Ceramic Artist.

Clay Stories: Stories behind our community clay collaboration with Philip Hardaker

Working together across communities and generations, we have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating and seeing this artwork evolve from clay into the final stunning mosaic, which hangs above the fireplace at Parkfield House. This important artwork commemorates 50 years of BJF championing the voices of older people.

Each tile represents a story or symbol connecting the maker to BJF through the artwork. By creating tiles individually and joining them together in a mosaic, the artwork symbolises the work of many people, coming together to make Beth Johnson Foundation work for everyone. The clay project has been a truly collaborative initiative, people helping each other to take part and to complete the tile making process together. 

Though not every single tile story is shared here, this wide selection of clay stories beautifully represents people, histories, and connections. Each tile reflects the experiences of our BJF community and documents the difference we all make together.

Click on the image to read and download a copy of Clay Stories.

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