BJF Partnerships

By listening to, learning from, and sharing people’s stories of ageing, we can work together to help build a future for all ages. 

BJF regularly has new activities and projects to offer, and we are keen to work with other groups and individuals to develop projects to meet our aims and objectives. 
Here are some of our current Partnership Activities:

To recognise and identify contemporary health and social care deficits to inform our focused future development around ageing well:

BJF Engagement Group – Our BJF Engagement Group plan and organise different ways to involve  older people in our work.

Inter(GEN) net – Inter(GEN) net is a network that brings people and organisations together to focus on supporting intergenerational work in our communities.

To maintain and expand our reputation when amplifying the ‘voices’ of older people:

Ceramics Project – We have worked with a local ceramicist and people in our community to  produce a tiled mosaic celebrating 50 years of BJF.

Sharing Stories – We regularly bring groups of older people together to share their stories and support each other. We are bringing together and sharing voices of people connected to BJF to celebrate 50 years of BJF.

North Staffs Carers – We have worked in partnership to support older carers with their wellbeing.

To maintain sustainability:

St Giles Hospice – We have worked in partnership with St Giles Hospice during the pandemic, to establish Bereavement Help Points  for those bereaved during this time in our local communities.

North Staffordshire Police – We are working in partnership with North Staffordshire Police to explore how we can support and protect our local older communities.

To strengthen internal and external communication, marketing, and engagement:

BJF Communication and Marketing Group – We plan, organise, and share information about our work and how to work with us.

Website – We regularly share news, information, and resources on our BJF website.

Newsletter – We produce a quarterly newsletter about our work to share with our communities.

Patron – We are represented by our Patron who supports us to keep public health and wellbeing is at the heart of all policy making in our communities.

Ageing, wisdom, and voices – A future for all ages – Partnerships and Connecting

Organisations we work with

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