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Training and Education

The Beth Johnson Foundation has always been a ‘learning’ organisation that operates in the real world; acting as a catalyst for initiatives that support positive ageing. Originally established as a grant making permanently endowed Trust in 1972, it is a registered charity whose head office is in Stoke-on-Trent.  Over 50 years, the Beth Johnson Foundation has established an international reputation for its work with older people, partners, and funders.  It is valued for the way it challenges traditional thinking about ageing and explores innovative ideas to make them work in practice.

One of the Beth Johnson Foundation’s particular strengths has always been our ability to identify new issues and approaches and then work closely with partners to test them out, building on what we learn, reflecting on what should change, and encouraging others to develop them further. We intend to continue working in this way, collaborating widely as appropriate, as we develop the Beth Johnson Foundation’s future direction and as we continue to consolidate and bring structure to our current programmes and support. We want to continue to be at the leading edge of developments that support a great quality of life for all older people, particularly those who are disadvantaged. This means we need to look ahead and ensure that we are well positioned to respond effectively to the changes we see in demography, social priorities, service provision and technology.

We place great importance on sharing our work, and ensuring that our developing evidence base deliberately informs any education and training for others. Our educational modules are externally accredited by the Educational Standards Office, London, and we are pleased to be able to deliver a number of modules to external participants, either face to face or online using Zoom©. These modules include:

  1. Introduction to dementia
  2. Theory into practice: Dementia care
  3. How to creatively engage with older people in a virtual community
  4. Intergenerational Practice for Community, Education & Health Social Care practitioners:

The strengths of these modules are that they are evidence based, linking theory to practice in a deliberate and effective manner, ensuring that they remain ‘fit for purpose’. We are determined that as our work progresses, other modules will emerge to inform practitioner practice; support health and social care guidelines; and  ensure older people enjoy the best possible later life.

To find out more about the services on this page:

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