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Volunteering has been central to Beth Johnson Foundation for over 50 years, promoting positive ageing in our local communities. We want people to enjoy age-friendly and inclusive, socially connected volunteering opportunities with us. We want volunteers to feel valued and strengthened, contributing with purpose to building a future for all ages.

We recognise the unique skills, strengths, and gifts volunteer share. We embrace the benefits and positive impact that volunteering can have for individuals, for Beth Johnson Foundation and for our communities.

We focus on:

  • Welcoming volunteers creating age-friendly and inclusive volunteering, accessible opportunities and welcoming to everyone.
  • Investing in volunteers making sure we recognise, work with, and help to develop people’s strengths, skills and experience.
  • Empowering volunteers by listening and working together to making things happen in our communities.
  • Collaborating with volunteers working together within our organisation and within our communities.
  • Innovating with volunteers enabling volunteers to participate in ways and at times that works for them and for our community.


We hear many times from our volunteers about the difference volunteering makes in their lives, the sense of wellbeing and belonging is remarkable. The loyalty and passion for volunteering with BJF is longstanding and grows as involvement and engagement deepens. We play a significant part in volunteers lives, enjoying relationships built on reciprocity, trust, and mutual regard. Volunteers bring lived experience and expertise to BJF, helping to inform and shape our services; and providing additional capacity to our organisation. Our communities benefit from support provided by volunteers and by volunteering with us, working together to champion positive ageing.

 Our services drive towards improving later life for older community members but our volunteers are adults of any age. If you would like to find out more or just have a general chat about volunteering with us, please fill in the Volunteer Enquiry form below and the Volunteer Manager will get in touch with you.


Reception Volunteer

As Covid restrictions continue to ease we are developing our premises as a community hub for our projects and activities.

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Volunteer Enquiry

Please fill in the short form below to  enquire about volunteering with BJF and the Volunteer Manager will contact you.

Tell us which Volunteer Role/s you are interested in and the area/s of work by selecting one or more options in the boxes below.

To find out more about the services on this page:

You can call us using: 01782 844036

Or send us a message – Contact Us

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