Even Better Together

Even Better Together is a partnership project between The Beth Johnson Foundation, Father Hudson’s Care and MHA Communities North Staffordshire, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Beth Johnson Foundation (BJF), Father Hudson’s Care (FHC) and Methodist Homes (MHA) are working together for three years, to support older people living with dementia in our communities.

  • We share ideas, skills and knowledge to help older people to stay well and to improve their wellbeing where possible.
  • We understand that social connections are an important part of good health and wellbeing.
  • We help older people to stay in touch with friends and family, make new social connections reducing loneliness in our community.
  • We help staff, volunteers and communities to learn new skills and grow a deeper understanding of dementia and advocacy.
  • By working together, we can help people in our local community to come together to help each other when help is needed.

“This project is a wonderful opportunity for National Lottery players to continue supporting what has become a real lifeline for older people in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire. The National Lottery Community Fund is delighted that MHA, Father Hudson’s Care and Beth Johnson Foundation will be able to continue their support for this community over the next three years.”

“The Beth Johnson Foundation is delighted to be collaborating with Father Hudson’s and Methodist Homes to ensure we can provide the best possible support opportunities for our ageing communities. Working together enables us to share organisational strengths so that we can indeed learn from each other as well as provide better, holistic support for our members: we truly can be Even Better Together!”

BJF, MHA and FHC provide services, activities and support which improve the lives of older people in their community. Working together helps older people to use their voice and have more choice in co-producing and co-delivering activities and projects that they want to take part in. By working together as a partnership we can provide support to a greater number of older people across Stoke, Newcastle under Lyme and the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Speaking Up Together

Listening to older people in our communities is at the heart of the EBT project .We learn what is working well and can better understand what we do well. The Older People’s Alliance is a group who take part in activities and learning through the Even Better Together project. BJF, MHA and FHC Partnership listen to the voices of older people, volunteers and staff who are involved in our services. 

This group help to inform and direct our work. We aim to identify what older people in our communities need. The group directly influence our work, our partnership and the direction of the Even Better Together project.

Learning Together

Learning and reflection are key to improving our knowledge and skills when supporting older people living with dementia. BJF deliver our Learning Together training programme focused on dementia advocacy for volunteers and staff within our partnership.

BJF draw on our  25 years experience in delivering dementia advocacy support in our communities. Understanding dementia from different perspectives starts with the person first, carers perspectives and health definitions of dementia. Advocacy awareness focuses on understanding, respecting, protecting and fulfilling each person’s rights. People living with dementia help to shape our Learning Together programme which is co-delivered with carers.

Reflecting Together

By bringing volunteers and staff within BJF, MHA and FHC to reflect on our knowledge and experiences, we are better able to share what works well. Volunteers and staff  discuss ways of working, learning from each other in a safe and confidential space.

We develop our practice together based on learning, and informed by people living with dementia and by carers. By sharing our knowledge, experiences and skills we are building a consistent approach to supporting people living with dementia. By increasing awareness of advocacy needs, we are better able to identify when someone living with dementia requires independent dementia advocacy support and refer to the BJF Dementia Advocacy Service.

Making a Difference Together

BJF check and report on the progress and impact of our Even Better Together project. We are working closely with MHA and FHC, sharing the journey of our partnership and the difference we are making together.

We report on what is working well, on the challenges we are facing and celebrating our successes together. By sharing our learning and evaluating our progress, provide people in our communities with consistent support based on listening and learning together. Our evaluation brings together interviews with key people in our organisations, stories from community members and a snapshot of our activities and membership. Our focus is on the making sure we are making a positive difference in our communities.

Bringing People Together

We focus on providing a warm welcome to people living with dementia in our communities. Our EBT partnership are working with local and national dementia organisations to raise awareness of dementia, of people’s rights.

Together we are putting our plans into action to help more people living with dementia to join in our groups and activities, reducing  loneliness and isolation. We are working to increase the number of dementia friends in our groups and in our communities. By focusing on dementia-friendly groups and activities, we are working to include more people living with dementia and bringing more people together.

Learning Together Programme 

"The training has made me realise what people go through."

"I was reluctant to come but you explained everything in a comfortable way."

" I feel more confident to treat people as people, I've learnt there's no straightforward answer and that's ok."

" It's made me think about the pressure for carers."

" I feel encouraged! everyone is different, don't be afraid."

"I'm really looking forward to the next session." "It was good to hear the carer's view and hearing what it was like for her."

Really excited to learn more, it's made me realise how much we do."


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