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At the Beth Johnson Foundation, we believe that everyone has the potential to make a positive contribution to our community. We aim to promote the voices of older people and to recognise the wisdom and valuable contributions you make to our society, across diverse populations.

Engaging and involving older people is at the heart of our work.  In recognition of the importance of working alongside older community members, we have established a working group which will take actions to encourage and enable more participation and involvement from both current BJF group members and the wider community.

Your views and ideas are important to us and we will be undertaking regular listening and engagement events throughout the year, where you will be able to share your thoughts, suggestions and concerns.

“Our opinions are respected,  you hear us and listen to us”

“You encourage us to get involved and keep us engaged”

The workshops and discussions will take place in BJF groups and with individuals and may focus on particular subjects or events.  Your feedback will help us to understand the main issues and concerns facing older people today.

We aim to establish a BJF Advisory Group which will include older community members who wish to get involved and to share their views and ideas.  The Advisory Group will be consulted and involved in the establishment of new BJF projects, promotions, events and the evaluation of existing projects.

We are continually learning from our practice and from older community members and your feedback and ideas will strongly influence the future direction of the Beth Johnson Foundation.

Read the BJF Listening and Engagement report:

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During the pandemic we wanted to check that health messages were effective and appropriate for older people, we asked BJF group members and volunteers:

Community Health Champion Consultation, Autumn 2021


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