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Research reports

Whilst education and training remain fundamentally important to us, we routinely encourage staff here at the BJF to formally report on the work undertaken. We work collaboratively with local universities, where we can deliberately connect older people to academics involved in specific research agenda’s and initiatives; where we can integrate theoretical underpinnings into meaningful clinical practice; where we can challenge what we know already and what further exploration is needed. The outcomes of such collaborations can be found in this section.

We strive to proactively engage with our members on a regular basis, finding out what the current issues and challenges are, and what we as a Foundation can do to help or learn more about. We encourage our members to adopt a creative approach to sharing their stories and tales of wisdom across the years; whether those stories are about ageing generally, families, loss, learning, achievement or challenges. The sharing of these stories can be through narratives, poetry, artwork, sewing, pottery, where powerful experiences thread through the medium selected. Such creative approaches can prove interesting reading, and can provide much to enhance our understanding about growing older.

In this section of our website you will find reports around particular projects, ways of working or around a specific topic (such as dementia care); the sharing of interesting outcomes from our work in the form of short reports; or collaborations with others, be that with statutory, other non-statutory organisations, universities and colleges.

Doing it well

Seven steps to dignity and compassion in caring for older people – Guidance for those who care.

Published: Jan 2018

Experiences of being 

The benefits of drama, music and dancing in improving the wellbeing of older people in care homes.

Published: May 2017

Care homes in the UK

This short briefing accompanies DOING IT WELL and EXPERIENCES OF BEING to provide guidance for people working in the care sector.

Published: TBC

Giving a Voice 

Advocacy on behalf of people with dementia and people with cancer: a study of the effects on people’s lives.

Published: May 2017

Ageing in the UK now

A Snapshot of Current Research.

Published: Oct 2016

Our Voices

The experiences of people ageing without children.

Published: Apr 2016

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