Dementia Advocacy

How Can Dementia Advocacy Help You?

The BJF Dementia Advocacy Project was founded in 1998 and offers free advocacy support to people aged 50 plus living in Stoke and North Staffordshire with a diagnosis of dementia or awaiting diagnosis.

The issues that advocates can help you with are varied and often complex.  Advocacy support can include concerns involving accommodation, all types of abuse, challenging service providers, family dynamics, planning for the future and many more issues.

Do You Know Someone with Dementia?

Our Dementia Advocates can

  • Give them time and listen to what they are saying
  • Offer support and understanding
  • Find out information for them
  • Help them to speak to other people or organisations
  • Help them to have control over their life
  • Download our leaflet to find out more about dementia advocacy

“without this support I would really have gone down bank”

Dementia Advocacy Peer Support Group (DAPSG)

We offer a Dementia Advocacy Peer Support Group (DAPSG) facilitated by advocacy staff at the Beth Johnson Foundation.  This group offers a space where people living with dementia can meet and support each other.

Video – BJF Peer Support Group –  Living Well with Dementia 2020

Other video resources:


Dementia Enquirers Report
The DAPSG looked at whether class, intellect or ethnicity have an impact on the dementia pathway for the person with dementia. You can read our Dementia Enquirers Report

Living with Dementia – My Life, My Goals
Two members of our DAPSG have been working with Innovations in Dementia to produce a booklet with information about cognitive rehabilitation. My Life, My Goals was created by and for people with dementia. The guide is full of ideas to help people living with dementia think about their goals with help, step-by-step, to achieve them. Download My Life, My Goals

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