Do you want to join our volunteer team helping to support people who are living with bereavement?

You don’t need to be an expert; volunteers don’t provide counselling. Volunteers are good listeners and all training is provided.

Unfortunately, there is no guidebook for grief. Everyone is different, and no two people will experience grieving in the same way. From numbness to anger, from disbelief to guilt, there’s no set pattern to the grieving process. Everything can seem more difficult following a bereavement. Many people find it is not something they get over, but it is something they learn to live with. Talking openly to others who have experienced bereavement can help to reconnect with others, reduce feelings of isolation, and provide support to build a life around loss.

BJF is recruiting volunteer Telephone Befrienders to provide short-term support for people who are aged 50+ living in North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. Volunteers offer one-to-one telephone support, listening, and helping people build confidence to join our Bereavement Friendship Group sessions.

We are also recruiting volunteer Group Helpers who assist BJF staff to run Bereavement Friendship sessions either on Zoom or at face to face peer support groups. Volunteers help group members to feel welcome, to listen and to share their experiences together.

Volunteers can do either role, or both.

Personal experience of bereavement may be advantageous to these volunteer roles, however, if you have experienced a recent bereavement, it may be more appropriate to join a group as a participant rather than as a volunteer. If you apply for a volunteer role, we will talk to you about any recent experiences of close bereavement and explore the best option with you.

Are you good at listening and able to offer friendly and helpful support to people living with bereavement? If you would like to become a Bereavement Friendship Volunteer, please Contact us or call 01782 844036  

                       Help us make sure people have safe spaces to open up about bereavement together. 


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